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Interested in Having an Exhibition of your Work?

We offer Gallery Rental Space!


Months Available: January 4 to April 30. 


Submission Process:


Please send us your artist statement and/or cv along with 10-20 images of your work and a brief statement of what your exhibition will involve and the theme behind the work. If selected, we will need to know in advance of any special requirements you may want. We encourage you to visit the gallery to view the space available. All mediums are welcome! 


All rentals have the option to include an exhibition opening (afternoon or evening) - whereby we take care of all the food and drinks for an additional $65.00. Openings are generally held from 2-5pm. (We will waive the fee if you wish to take care of food and drinks yourself!) 


Posters, post cards and brochures can be designed and printed at discount rates through us to include in the marketing package for you. An online exhibition space will be created on our website and the exhibition will be featured on the gallery facebook page during your show.


Bi-weekly rental rate: $225/ plus tax. 

Monthly rental rate: $400/ plus tax. 

Artists keep 100% of their proceeds minus the credit card fees.


Opening hours: 12-5pm, Thursday-Sunday (*subject to change) We will take care of all sales, packaging and shipping, if required, for you.

*Artists must cover insurance of all work. 


Please contact Lynn if you are interested in having a show with us!

(902) 640-3363,

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