Sarah Halfkenny


Drawing for me, is a compulsion, albeit a healthy one. My work usually stems from a humble origin, a circle near the center of the page. From there I work outward, letting it take shape almost of its own accord. I don’t force my hand, I just look for ways to add depth and definition, symmetry and form. It is as though I am attempting to free something that’s already there. For every finished piece, I probably have dozens of abandoned ones; studies in texture or shape or line. I prefer to work in black and white, I think the stark contrast is a useful tool. It is more challenging to create depth using this binary system. I prefer to work with a 0.3 or 0.4 mm pens. I find this tip diameter gives me the best flow and control of the weight of the lines. I am right handed, and I draw with my head rested against my left forearm.

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