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Hello everyone! My name is Lynn Misner, a young artist and entrepreneur

working to build a successful business in my hometown of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

My partner, Stephen Ernst and I are two of the youngest business owners who have

chosen to set up shop in this heritage town. In 2011, I was only 26, and against all

financial odds (because what young artist or recent university grad has any kind of

cash?), managed to purchase, renovate and open Power House Art, a three level 

gallery and studio that supports other young artists and youth in our town. Power

House also seeks to promote and support Inuit artists and their art and is one of the

only galleries left in the Maritimes that showcases their work.



The gallery is housed within a 144-year-old building which we have been ever so slowly restoring to its original glory, with the gracious help from friends and family. The Power House, standing at the corner of Lincoln and Kaulbach Streets in historic Lunenburg, was built for Blacksmith William Selig in 1869. In 1888, it was sold to James Beck, and remained in his family for three generations, the last owner being Dr. J. Murray Beck, a prominent professor, author, historian, and recipient of the Order of Canada.


The Beck family was very gracious bestowing their trust and patience in me to obtain financing so I could purchase their family home and encouraged me to transform the building into a centre where young artists, musicians, writers and other youth could find a supportive place to work and grow.
In the first 2 years of operation, we were just getting our feet wet and I found myself managing the gallery while still working three other jobs to make this dream a true reality for those who put their trust in us and joined in this crazy adventure!


Now in our third year of operation, we’re ever determined to forge ahead and make this building an even better place to work and live. Our goal now is to make the outside of the building look as good as what’s happening on the inside and preserve this heritage home. Stephen and I, armed with our Power House Crew, are ready with scrapers and brushes to start painting the gallery this coming fall (and it sure needs it!) But we need your help! Together, Stephen and I have raised $1,500 to put towards the cost of paint, but we need to raise $7,500 more so we can get our butts in gear and paint the building.

Please help us further our dream, and give this 3-storey building the face-lift it deserves!

For more details, please visit our facebook page at:

Power House Art Fundraiser on Facebook


PAINT the POWER HOUSE Fundraiser

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